Daneen Weaver

Wealth Advisor

Daneen Weaver’s professional journey is deeply rooted in a family legacy of financial expertise. She is a key part of a team that includes her brothers, Paul Marrella and Sam Marrella Sr, in a business that their father, Paul A Marrella, established back in 1967. This multi-generational commitment to wealth management underscores the family’s dedication to providing top-tier financial advisory services.

Notably, Sam Marrella Jr represents the third generation of this legacy, showcasing the commitment to excellence in wealth management. With each generation, the family’s expertise and dedication to their clients have grown stronger, ensuring that their clients receive the highest level of financial guidance and support.

This multi-generational collaboration in the field of wealth management speaks to the family’s values of trust, integrity, and their focus on the financial well-being of their clients. Together, they continue to uphold the legacy of excellence that their father began in 1967, making them a trusted and respected presence in the wealth management industry.

Daneen brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her role. She graduated with distinction from Mount St. Mary’s University in 1986, showcasing her commitment to education and her dedication to achieving excellence in her field. Her academic achievements are further highlighted by her MBA from St. Joseph’s University, which she earned in 1992.

On a personal note, Daneen is married to Tom Weaver, a partnership that contributes to her understanding of the importance of family and financial security. Together, they are the proud parents of two children, Shannon and Brian.