A Wealth Management Experience That Makes a Difference

We understand the importance of multigenerational wealth management and take a forward-thinking approach to help preserve and grow wealth across generations.

We have a long-term perspective, recognizing the importance of thoughtful planning, adaptability, and a focus on preserving and growing wealth over generations, while considering the unique aspirations, values, and legacies of our clients.

The Marrella Virtual Family Office

(“Marrella VFO”)

What is a Virtual
Family Office?

The Virtual Family Office (VFO) model derived from the Single-Family Office structure, which delivers a top-tier level of service to help select ultra-high net worth families with their complex wealth needs and ability to manage aspects of their personal lives. With advancements in technology, this experience is no longer exclusively for the billion-dollar families in need of a single-family office.

The Marrella VFO is a different and impactful wealth management experience. Our core purpose is to help free up your time to enjoy life with the people you love.

Holistic Wealth Management

Navigating your financial journey from a 360-degree perspective, integrating investment, tax, and lifestyle considerations.

Your wealth management plan is seamlessly coordinated through your network of experienced professionals, all collaborating to provide comprehensive, prudent and thoughtful financial solutions.

Wealth preservation strategies are designed to protect and grow your assets over time while tailoring your portfolio to match your retirement income and long-term investment planning needs.

You aim to “Lower Your Lifetime Income Tax Bill,” but most are unclear just how to achieve it. We work diligently to help you keep more of your hard-earned wealth.

Multigenerational wealth Planning requires a seamless transition of wealth from one generation to the next. The goal is to ensure that your family’s financial legacy, and its values, remain intact and thrive.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, we offer strategic business planning services to help you achieve both your business goals and your life thereafter.

Enhance your quality of life by aligning your financial decisions with your personal aspirations through our lifestyle management services.

If you seek to make a lasting, positive impact on causes that matter to you through charitable giving, we assist you by efficiently integrating philanthropy into your wealth management strategies.

The Marrella VFO provides our clients the same level of service once associated with a traditional single-family office.

We act as your personal CFO, providing bespoke wealth management, tailored investment solutions and a highly personal and proactive team to manage complex financial and lifestyle needs.


Our commitment extends to accomplished individuals, visionary leaders, and families navigating complex financial landscapes. We excel at guiding those seeking more from their wealth strategy.

Paul Marrella Managing Director and Wealth Advisor